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Frequently Asked Questions2021-06-08T19:41:59-04:00
1. What should I look for when choosing a painting contractor?2021-04-25T21:01:17-04:00

At the very least, they should have a current MHIC license, and all contractors should be covered by workman’s comp. Customer references are critical too. We’ll be happy to provide referrals since 98% of our new clients are referred by satisfied customers. We are a BBB Accredited Business and are proud of our A+ rating.

Nielsen Construction, LLC, Construction, Annapolis, MD
2. Can I leave home while your crew is at work?2020-07-09T16:38:32-04:00

You can rest assured that we’ll respect your space and your belongings. Our trusted crews have worked for us for years. Plus, we’re insured and licensed.

3. Can I see examples of the work you’ve completed?2021-06-10T00:21:06-04:00

Visit the Our Work page for examples of our projects we’ve completed.

4. What kind of paint do you use?2021-04-25T21:04:50-04:00

We only use premium quality paints from Sherwin-Williams® or Pittsburgh Paints. Be aware that these brands also offer “builder-grade” paints. They’re cheaper and less durable than the premium paints offered by these brands. If you get a low estimate from a painter, they’re probably using cheap paint.

5. Do you offer a warranty on your work?2021-04-25T21:05:16-04:00

Yes. We offer a two-year workmanship warranty. And yes, we’ve had claims and honored all of them.

6. Who selects the paint color?2021-04-25T21:05:55-04:00

Given the subjective nature of color choice, we leave that up to the customer. We’ll give you pointers and tips that’ll guide you. And if you select a color that we think is wrong, we’ll strongly recommend that you choose another color. Ultimately, the choice is yours. We do not offer a “Color Dissatisfaction Guarantee.”

7. How do you arrive at your estimate?2021-04-25T21:06:42-04:00

Based on our extensive experience, we estimate the hours it will take to prep the walls, cover or move furniture, paint, and clean up when we finish. If we exceed the estimate we agreed on, we absorb the additional cost.

8. Why do competitive bids vary so much?2021-04-25T21:09:05-04:00

Our estimate is usually determined by the level of thoroughness, attention to detail, and quality of the finish we deliver. There’s more to preparing a painting surface properly than simply pressure cleaning and scraping the surface. We spend more time than most in preparing the surfaces, and much of the cost goes to labor required to apply the paint. If you find our estimate too high, we invite you to get quotes from other contractors and thoroughly compare the value being offered by all contractors. We’re not the cheapest, just the best.

9. How and when do you expect payment?2021-04-25T21:11:44-04:00

We accept Visa and Mastercard and also offer financing at competitive rates. To secure a firm start date, we ask for a deposit when you sign off on the proposal. We ask for a second payment upon the start of work, progress payments near 40% and 80% of completion, and a final payment upon full completion.

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